Jewish Rome Tour: What Could I find in?

jewish rome tour

The liveliness of the Roman capital has always attracted different cultures from all parts of the world. The Jewish community in Rome has a long history and is still alive and active in the heart of Rome. Through the tours of Jewish Rome it is possible to discover the historicity of Rome through different eyes, those of Jewish life and religion. Stories, legends and myths that Rome retains in its Jewish soul.

The guided tours offered allow you to visit the Jewish Ghetto, with a visit to the two Synagogues and the Museum, Sistine Chapel, Colosseum and Roman Forum. With a visit to the underground cemetery at the Catacombs of Vigna Randanini, in the Appia Antica area, you will be able to appreciate an example of Jewish cult dating back to the II and III centuries AD.

With the choice of tours you can also appreciate in the Ghetto the typical Jewish cuisine at the best restaurants of the Jewish tradition in Rome.


What Jewish Tour are Available in Rome?

The Jewish Rome Ghetto Museum And Synagogue

Coliseum, Arch of Titus and Michelangelo’s Moses

Vatican Museums through a Jewish Lens

Learn & Eat… in the Jewish Ghetto!

Kosher Cooking Class with Local Chef

Jewish Catacombs on the Old Appian Way

An Evening Stroll Through Magical Rome

Jewish ghetto walking tour

jewish rome ghetto


Bounded by the two oldest Roman bridges, the Isola Tiberina is located, which houses one of the most famous hospitals in Rome. Continuing along the way, it will be possible to visit the Jewish Ghetto, with its complex historical soul, full of culture and tradition. Important examples of medieval architecture are hosted by the Ghetto.

The walking tour will continue in the Campo de ‘Fiori area, which houses the statue of Giordano Bruno, the most famous martyr of Rome during the Santa Inquisizione, and one of the fruit and vegetable markets in Rome, as well as the birthplace of Roman nightlife.

Rome Synagogue Tour

jewish rome synagogue


Assyrian-Babylonian style building, built by Armanni and Costa, the Synagogue is the center of religious activities in the Jewish community, and can only be visited through the guided tours that you can choose. The Great Synagogue is located in the center of the Jewish Ghetto of Rome, and was erected in 1904.

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