Jewish Catacombs on the Old Appian Way

Discovered by accident in 1859, the Catacombs of Vigna Randanini, are the only accessible Jewish catacombs in Rome. Like a true archaeologist, travel through underground tunnels by torchlight to explore nearly 400m of the hypogea and uncover the intricate and full Jewish lives of ancient Rome. Access to the Catacombs requires special permission and is by appointment only. This is a unique opportunity to see one of the most significant finds of the 19th Century.

Tens of kilometers of deep long tunnels dug into the tufa just outside the city along the ancient consular roads where the Jews first, and then Christians, buried their loved ones waiting for their “resurrection”. You can admire the beautiful decorations and carvings on niches in memory of the people buried there.

Jewish Catacombs