The Jewish Museum, Synagogues and former ghetto area

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Today, the Jewish Quarter is one of the top destinations for any informed traveler; each corner is a gateway to the past and a story as expressive as any Italian. When you visit the center of the Ancient City and enjoy one of the most touching and lively districts of Rome.

On our tours you will discover the history and traditions of one of the oldest Jewish communities in Western Europe. The Jewish community of Rome has an unbroken legacy spanning over 2,200 years. Arriving during the time of the Second Jerusalem Temple, the Jews of Rome have seen the rise and fall of the Ancient Romans, the Ghetto, the Papal State, Fascism, and more.

The Jewish Museum is rich with artifacts that illustrate first-hand the traditions and unique customs of the Jews in Rome. The museum’s inspiring permanent collection of Judaica and fascinating temporary exhibits will ensure that there is always something new to see. Learn about the Roman Jewish community’s survival, persistence, and distinctive identity. Travel through 22 centuries of anecdotes, curiosities, and learn about some of the most fascinating idiosyncrasies of Jewish Roman history!

Continue through the streets of the former ghetto area with a guided tour. Meet locals and hear about the history, anecdotes and curiosities of this ancient community direct from members of the community. Visit the sites and experience the history and development of the Jews of the Eternal City – and of course, be sure not to miss the opportunity to taste some mouthwatering Roman Jewish cuisine!

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