The Menorah: Worship, History and Myth

What brings together a coin minted in the first century BCE and a 1987 Israeli comic book? Both prominently  feature the menorah! The famous seven-armed candelabrum manages both to symbolize the destruction of the Temple and the modern State of Israel.

Beginning this May it also become the focus of the first ever two-part collaborative exhibition between the Vatican and Jewish Museum of Rome. The Temple menorah disappeared in the fifth century after vandals sacked Rome in 455 but legends continue to keep it in Rome.

“The Menorah: Worship, History and Myth”, brings 130 works from around the world to document its use both as a religious item and a symbol of Jewish identity. We are excited to invite you to celebrate this momentous exhibition with us. Join us for a tour and discover for yourself the legacy of this timeless symbol. We also recommend adding a visit to the Ancient City, where you will see the menorah displayed Arch of Titus.

Hurry, the exhibition will only be open through July 23!